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PageCHECK allows users to search through all of LexisNexis Australia’s looseleaf services by title, subject, page numbers, and service numbers. Page lists are updated weekly and organized according to volume and guidecard.

What can you do with PageCHECK?

  • Find missing or misfiled pages
  • Browse by subject or alphabetical list
  • Get the page number or range of page numbers you need
  • Order missing pages online


Find the page numbers you need faster by looking at the lists we prepared. You can browse by:

  • Title – arranged in alphabetical order
  • Subject – grouped according to relevant practice areas

If you don’t know the exact title of the looseleaf you want or are unsure under which subject you should look, you may also do a PageCHECK Search to target specific phrases or parts of the title.

Order Online

  • If you are a current subscriber, you may order for missing pages online by filling out the PageCHECK Order Form.
  • For other inquiries, please contact us at 1800 772 772 or email Customer Support.
  • Requests for missing pages claims of up to 50 pages (25 sheets) are charged at $27.50 (incl. GST). Freight & handling is charged separately at $5.17 (incl. GST) as part of each missing page order.

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